Activity Groups 


Leisure Group
St. John’s Leisure Group started in 1977 with about twenty members. This social group was formed to give the “mature” members of our congregation an opportunity to get together. Two members are appointed each month to take charge of the drinks and get the tables ready.
Any one 55 and older is welcome
Funeral Dinner Committee Ladies

JoAnn Lambie,Joyce Grafelman,Betty Lyons,and Arlyn Frazee
These ladies provide a valuable service to the church.
They coordinate
,cook and setup for funeral diners WELCA Woman of the Evavgelical Lutheran Church in America The organization focuses on making sure our members, our building and the people of the world who are in need are cared for.

*promote fellowship within congregation
*collect for missions and charity
*improve facilities used in fellowship

Who are the members of WELCA?
All women of St. John are members of W.E.L.C.A. whether you have attended a meeting or not

Meetings are the second Sunday of each month at 9:15 a.m.


Vice President  



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