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News and Special Events

Informal Worship Scheduled for February 27th at 6 pm.
Make sure you mark your calendars for the February Informal Worship Service which will be held February 27th at 6 pm.  The Polar Vortex was mean to us last month and we had to cancel this service twice!  Don't forget this service!  We will have a lighter liturgy, more prayer-based service, and guitar playing (three new songs!) played by Pastor Michael on the 6 and 12-string guitars.  There will be a Power Point sermon; the theme will be "The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength - Forget Your Sin, Because God Has."  It will empahasize how even though we have asked for forgivness, and God has freely granted it, we can still beat ourselves up about the past.  We can let sin have more power over us than it deserves.  What's Biblical?  Come and find out!  Remember, barring natural Polar catastrophes (an other such nonsense) we will always have the Informal Worship Service on the 4th Wednesday of the month!

Installation of New Church Officers and Sunday School Staff :
This Sunday, February 3rd, at both services, we will officially install all new Church Council Officers (and those who wish to come forward for the blessing) and all Sunday School Staff for the 2019-2020 year.  The following are:
Elders (2 Year) - Danelle Geraci and Jane Rosenbohm,
Deacon (2 Year) - Robert Pierce and Teri Sammis,
Deacon (1 Year) - Tom Tate,
Trustee (3 Year) - Andy Look and Roger Shafer,
Financial Secretary (3 Year) - Patti Thornton,
Recording Secretary (1 Year) - Sue Jones,
Child Care Board (3 Year) - Jane Rosenbohm and Elaine Shafer,
Evangelism (3 Year) - Joan Resler,
Auditing (3 Year) - Elvessa Severt,
Parish Ed (3 Year) - Becky Sanders and Sarah Winborn,
Synod Delegates - Mark Ingram, Gail Peters, Ralph Peters, (Alternate) Seth Miller.
Please make sure you attend this important service celebrating the ongoing life of this congregation.  We thank every one of these individuals for stepping forward and responding to the Power of the Holy Spirit within their hearts.  May we have a great year of ministry!

Care Packages for the Homeless :
It is the time of the year to be thinking about the homeless in our community.  We need a 1 gallon sized storage or food bag with any of the following suggested items placed in them:  dry shampoo, toothpaste, soft toothbrush, hair comb, powder, deodorant - solid or gel, body wash, wash cloth, hand towel, nail clipper, disposable nail file, foot powder, disposable razor, mouth rinse or wash, hand lotion, sanitizing wipes, pocket tissue, 1 pair of men's socks, maybe $1.00 for a cup of coffee, a note of inspirational prayer, portals of prayer small book.  These are just some IDEAS for items that can be placed within the bag.  Of course, not all of these items would fit.  No sharp objects or items with alcohol or aerosols please.  You decide how much you want to spend.  A box will be put in th back of the church on February 3rd to start collecting the gift bags.  If you have any questions, please contact:
Joan Resler at (309) 966-1462.  Thanks --- The Evangelism Outreach Committee

Jane Rosenbohm Leads a New Mid-Week Bible Study on Job :
You are invited to take part in a Bible Study of Job based on David Jeremiah's guide entitled "Tried, Tested, and Triumphant."  It's never too late to join us.  The Bible studies are held Wednesday Nights starting at 7:00 pm.  
Any questions?  Call me, Jane Rosenbohm at (309) 645-9009.
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